Elite CK95 Ultimate (2023)

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The highest specification stick in the Mercian range, combining a 95% carbon lay-up over a Kevlar skeleton, The Elite CK95 features a quad-carbon sleeve to maximize energy transfer and power and combines it with a Ultimate (extreme) low bend to aid drag-flicking, aerials and 3D skills.
  • 95% Carbon
  • Quad-Carbon Sleeve
  • Ultimate (Extreme) Low Bend (24.5mm @ 200mm)
  • 3 process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel, EVA under grip)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • The CK95 (and all Elite sticks) come with a new, ‘science of traction’
    black dual-texture grip with a 1mm EVA shock absorbing foam layer
    beneath it.


  • The Mercian Ultimate Bend is the most aggressive low bow that we have ever made, with the bend of the stick effectively cupping the ball.
  • The maximum bend at this lowest legal point enhances drag flicking and aerial skills with the balance point of the stick adjusted to also favor 3D dribbling skills.
  • Whilst the shaft weighting aid sticks head speed it still provides power and balance for the slapping and pushing associated with elite level skill execution.


  • The Elite CK95 is an extreme low bow, high carbon stick. It suits aspirational intermediate players or elite athletes*. 
  • The extreme low bow helps with drag flicking.
  • It is suitable for a (advanced*) defensive player who enjoys running with the ball, eliminating opponents (including 3D skills), playing overhead passes and disguised slaps.
  • It is suitable for a (advanced*) midfield player who enjoys running with the ball, executing 3D skills and playing 'pop' passes with various degrees of lift.
  • It is suitable for a (advanced* )forward who likes to eliminate defenders (including 3D skills), fire powerful shots at goal with an easy ability to lift the ball and carry the ball at speed because of it's higher balance point and lighter pick up.

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