‘Why buy Mercian?’

Durability: Mercian goalkeeping foam equipment (legguards, kickers and gloves) is manufactured in the UK from open cell foam in four different densities. The open cell nature means that during manufacturer the foam is heated and bonded together, effectively creating a single unit. By removing any adhesive, we increase the durability. In high and low heat conditions, glues can fail either melting in hot temperatures or shattering in low temperatures, this means that foam laminates can come apart, this cannot happen in Mercian foam items.

Protection: The use of up-to four different foam layers enhances protection and increases rebound. High-density foams provide the greatest protection but do not offer much rebound. By creating foam sandwiches of different layers of foam, Mercian have established the optimum protection levels for each level of equipment and combined it with maximum rebound. (Mercian believe that high rebound foam is the most desirable ‘state’ to ensure that saves force the ball as far away as possible).

‘Slide’: Mercian Pro and Elite kit now features a ‘slide skin’ on the foam. During manufacture, the foam develops a crust, a harder surface. This surface increases protection but more importantly reduces surface friction, closing the ‘open’ cells on the surface and therefore mimicking the performance of other brand(s) of goalkeeping materials

Weight: The combinations of foam – skinned and un-skinned – create very protective equipment with high rebound whilst minimizing weight. The modern goalkeeper needs to be agile and mobile, far more so than the old block goalkeeper. This weight difference is up to 20% across similar models / ranges from other brands. There is no compromise in protection or rebound, but the reduced weight increases the goalkeepers speed around the goal, enhancing positional effectiveness.

Price: Finally, we are all aware that budgets are tight and goalkeeping equipment is expensive, Mercian goalkeeping equipment (see table below) is up to 37% cheaper across similar models with relevant protection levels. Our international goalkeepers speak about using a lower number of pairs in a given period because of the durability of protection, so also offering a better longevity of product and enhanced value for money.

OBO Comparison


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