Goalkeeping Tech

The development and supply of goalkeeping equipment to the market has always been a Mercian Hockey priority. Using the current knowledge of 'keepers involved in International programs and the long standing product knowledge of MD and ex-England and GB goalkeeper Simon Mason, Mercian are delighted to present their best and most complete collection of protective equipment ever. Suitable for the beginner or the elite player alike, Mercian are proud and pleased to offer, innovative, well priced, performance equipment for all levels of ‘keeper.

The basic foams used for the legguards, kickers and hand protectors in all the Mercian ranges are made in the UK and the products are manufactured in the UK.

The foam comes in 3 different categories and multiple densities, classified by weight. For example LD45 is a low density foam that weighs 45kg for a cubic meter. The heavier the weight, the higher the density, the higher the protection, but the lower the rebound. So, every range is analyzed and the foams are combined to provide the required protection, weight and rebound. The make-up of a top pad could be an LD60 12mm skin to provide protection and 'slide' with a 33mm inner for protection and rebound, with a 24mm LD33 or MP(a different type of foam) liner to provide more protection and rebound but also comfort and fit.

Body armor and shorts use single and dual layer foams but with plastic plates to cover those foams and increase protection by spreading the force of the impact. It maximizes the protective elements whilst minimizing the weight. The coverings are designed to allow the materials to flex and move, enhancing mobility without compromising performance.

Fixing materials - elastics, nylon straps, belts and buckles are all used to ensure the protective elements cover the correct areas and don't move.

Our ranges are made using the technical knowledge that exists within our factories and the intimate understanding of goalkeeping possessed by both those manufacturers and the Mercian Hockey Team. The products are made in accordance with PPE legislation and CE directives.


Mercian GK sizing Chart


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