Slang 70

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  • Color:  Black / Green 
  • Sizes:  36.5" 37.5" 
  • Head shape:  Maxi 45º 
  • Head Face:  Rough Surface 
  • Bow Height:  25mm 
  • Materials:  70% Carbon 30% Kevlar 
  • Grip:  Anti-shock foam

The Slang have a Drag-flick groove for faster ball acceleration and precision. Also with the oval end cap of the stick for a more extreme bow shape.

The Lekker Slang have the location of the bow curve at 200 mm and complies with FIH limit with a 24mm bow. 

The handle with an anti-shock foam layer gives an excellent sensation when hitting and stopping.  This option is in 70% carbon / 30% Kevlar.