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The Evolution CKF90 is the premium model in the Evolution range, the 90% carbon lay-up is placed across a fiberglass micro-skeleton giving good touch and feel with the Kevlar increasing durability and laminate bonding.

The Ultimate (extreme) low bend is designed to aid drag-flicking, aerials and 3D skills.


  • 90% Carbon
  • Ultimate (Extreme) Low Bend (24.5mm @ 200mm)
  • 3-process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel, EVA under grip)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • Tungsten Carbide Diffused Kevlar


  • The Mercian Ultimate Bend is the most aggressive low bow that we have ever made, with the bend of the stick effectively cupping the ball.
  • The maximum bend at this lowest legal point enhances drag flicking and aerial skills with the balance point of the stick adjusted to also favor 3D dribbling skills.
  • Whilst the shaft weighting aid sticks head speed it still provides power and balance for the slapping and pushing associated with elite level skill execution.


  • The Evolution CKF90 is a high-quality, high-carbon stick with a Ultimate (24.5mm @ 200mm) bend. 
  • It is suitable for an advanced, or aspirational intermediate player, the carbon offers good energy transfer and therefore power for hits and slaps. The open-face of the Ultimate model helps to lift the ball - drag flicks, 3D skills, aerials, with the additional bend helping stick turnover and therefore lateral ball movement. 
  • Defenders - ball carriers, elimination skills, push passes, overhead passes, slingshot / sliders / slap-push. 
  • Midfield - running skills, elimination, lifted short passes, 3D skills, lifted shots 
  • Forwards - running elimination skills, lateral dribbles (Indian dribble), lifted slap and hit shooting, easier control because of reduced carbon compared to Elite series.

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