Mercian 105

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Composite material advances have resulted in enhanced strength in Mercian products. The use of aeronautical grade carbon fiber from British, European and Asian sources means that the weight of our light sticks has been fractionally reduced again with no compromise on hitting power, torsional strength or durability.

This gives a lighter ‘feel’ to the 100 Series sticks making them suitable for intermediate players without the desire or need for a specific focus on stiffness and power. A thicker fiberglass skeleton than the Pro-Line is overlaid with varying percentages of carbon and Kevlar to create five different stick specifications. All sticks in the 100 Series have a high gloss back with our popular high-friction, hard wearing matte face.

The textured face (created using silica particles )mimics that which is found on the face of a raw wooden stick and helps to reduce ball spin on water based pitches. With various models available in junior lengths and lighter weights, the 100 Series offers a technical, durable and price-conscious solution for a majority of players’ needs.

Product Code: HS105
Stock Color: White / Blue / Neon Orange
Length: 36.5" / 37.5"
Weight: Light
Bend: Standard
Composition: Carbon 50%
Technology: C50 / NCT / VRZ / STANDARD