Evolution 0.9 Pro

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Mercian Evolution 0.9 Pro Bend 2019

50% C | TCDK | M -GEL | NANO-POL

  • Medium specification, Pro Bend Composite stick designed for intermediate players wishing to use a moderately powerful item with good touch and feel.
  • Utilizing the highest quality Japanese sourced carbon, the lay-up over a fiberglass skeleton with Kevlar laminates creates superb energy transfer but retains a softer feel.
  • The Nano-polymer resin works to increase the bonding between composite layers to increase both performance and durability.
  • M-Gel and piezo-electric fibers within the handle minimize vibrations and ensure that skill execution is enhanced.
  • A soft touch lacquer over the right hand area reduces the friction on the palm of the hand and helps the stick turnover.
  • Weight 36.5" - 535g