Balling Barium 100 Red

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Fly a little higher with this TAKTICBOW version that will improve those aerial skills and maximize your drag flicking ability.                       

Built for elite players, the Barium 100 Red is full of tech like our Japanese Toray Carbon layers for precision and stiffness becomes the perfect partner for strikers.    

The Barium 100 Red also adds confidence by introducing the Backhand Hitting Armor and a unique handling feeling with the new buffed FeelGrip.

Tech Details

  • Shape: Takticbow
  • Balance Point: 390mm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Bow Height: 23,8mm
  • Bow Position: 205mm Extra Low Bow Point


  • 97% Carbon
  • 2% Kevlar
  • 1% Aramid


  • 45°
  • Length 118mm
  • Sticky Face


  • 29mm Thick
  • AntiQuake Foam
  • New FeelGrip