Balling 50 Aqua

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  • $139.00

An elite shape now available at an affordable price.

Designed by our shapers for intermediate players who want to venture into the drag flicking world. The extra low bow will let you lift the ball and drag flick, maximizing your aerial skills with the added groove for extra ball control.

You won’t find a stick with these characteristics at such a friendly price ever!

Tech Details
  • Shape: V·Tactik
  • Balance Point: 390mm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Bow Height: 24,5mm
  • Bow Position: 205mm Extra Low Bow Point
  • Control Groove
  • 50% Carbon
  • 45% Fiberglass
  • 3% Kevlar
  • 2% Aramid
  • 45°
  • Length 118mm
  • Sticky Face
  • 29mm Thick
  • AntiQuake Foam
  • Balling SoftGrip