Adidas 2018 Zone Dox Black

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These field hockey shoes are lightweight and sleek, so you can move with nimble precision. Sprint frame gives you stability and support so you can act on split-second decisions. The perforated inner sock ensures a snug fit and ventilation throughout the match. Breath-ability is further support by the lightweight mesh upper. The upper mesh with textile bands at the ankle provides a lightweight feeling with extra stability. The internal toe cap with foam cover offers extra protection against impacts from the ball. The SPRINTFRAME construction provides rock-solid stability at high speeds and utilized geometric research to create a lightweight and supportive chassis

  • This new shoe is built with forwards in mind.
  • The new SPRINTFRAME construction allows improved agility and support when having to make those split second decisions around the circle.
  • Adidas signature lightweight synthetic upper means improved breath-ability, whilst making sure you're never short for speed.
  • New out-sole ensures your not short for grip in any conditions.

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