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The Evolution CKF85 is the second model in the Evolution range, the 85% carbon lay-up is placed across a (10%) fiberglass skeleton giving good touch and feel with the (5%) Kevlar increasing durability and laminate bonding. Featuring Dual spine (three internal chambers) for extra stiffness,

The Pro Bend is suited for a wide variety of playing styles, without the aggression of the Ultimate bend. 


  • 85% Carbon
  • Pro Low Bend (24mm @ 230mm)
  • Dual spine (three internal chambers) for extra stiffness,
  • Dual-process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • Tungsten Carbide Diffused Kevlar
  • Silicon internal sleeve for vibration damping


  • The Mercian Pro Bend incorporates a near maximum 23.5mm bow positioned just below the mid-point of the shaft, approximately 250mm from the bottom of the stick.
  • The shaft has then been shaped to give a thinner profile under the right hand and a balance point that favors the head end of the stick.
  • This gives a combination of great stick turn-over due to the shape but enhanced hitting power because of the balance point and sweet spot, the hitting power is also enhanced because the head is 1.5mm thicker than the ultimate bend.


  • The Evolution CKF85 is a high-quality, high-carbon stick with the Pro / Low (24mm @ 230mm) bend. 
  • It is suitable for an advanced or aspirational intermediate player, the carbon offers good energy transfer and therefore power for hits and slaps. 
  • The Pro bend has a lower balance point than the Ultimate bend, this gives more head weight, aiding hitting and slapping as well enhanced control because of the weight in the head. 
  • Pro Bend: Intermediate / Advanced defensive player who enjoys push passing, hitting and slapping as primary skills. (Jab and block tackling are skill, not stick, dependent). The lower balance point gives some head weight to aid ball control. The lower carbon gives a softer feel, also for enhanced control. 
  • Pro Bend: Intermediate / Advanced midfield player who enjoys running with the ball but is not focused on lifting the ball off the ground. The head weighting aids hitting for shooting and passing as well as tight control. The lower carbon gives a softer feel, also for enhanced control. 
  • Pro Bend: Intermediate / Advanced forward who likes to focus on accurate control, powerful hit and slap shots and running with the ball with controlled movement. The lower carbon gives a softer feel, also for enhanced control. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great stick and customer service!!

I purchased this stick for my high school daughter and she loves it. Can't say enough about the customer service too. They were out of stock of the size we needed and were able to cut a longer stick to accommodate. Stick still arrived promptly even with the adjustment. Highly recommend and will be purchasing from Savage again and again! Thank you!

Jennifer L Sherman
very nice stick

good stick but has a small chip after the very first use

Stephen Simpson
Very good.

I got this for one of my players. She tried a couple of sticks before settling on this.
She liked it much more than what she had been using before.