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The Evolution CKF75 is a 75% carbon lay-up model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed across a (15%) fiberglass skeleton giving good touch and feel with the (10%) Kevlar increasing durability, stiffness and laminate bonding. Available in the DSH bend.

  • The DSH is a 2mm concave face specifically designed to work with a 23mm bend to enhance drag-flicking and 3D skills.
  • The 'cup' also aids ball pull back from the left side of the body and enhances elimination skills.
  • The new DSH mold has a fatter shaft profile to increase the cross-sectional area and aid hitting power


  • 75% Carbon
  • DSH (23mm @ 270mm)
  • Dual-process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • Tungsten Carbide Diffused Kevlar


  • The concave face shape of the DSH ‘cups’ and cushions the ball to help with close control, 3D skill execution and lifted passes but is obviously within the FIH 4mm deviation guidelines.
  • To create the concave face the head is 2mm thicker than the Ultimate bend and therefore also offers a head weighted bias which aids hitting and slapping power.


  • he Evolution CKF75 is a high-quality, medium-carbon stick with the DSH bend (23.5mm @250mm, 2mm concave face) bend It is suitable for almost any level of player, the carbon percentage offers good energy transfer and therefore power for hits and slaps. 
  • The mid-bow version technically assists the accuracy of hits and slaps as the face is in line with the hands at point of execution, the head weighting gives a sweet spot that also aids hits and slaps and the balance point helps with control. 
  • DSH BEND VERSION: Intermediate / Advanced defensive player who likes to have a stick with some head weighting to give power in tackles, slaps and hits, but with a low bow and concave face to aid overhead passes and short lifts. 
  • DSH BEND VERSION: Intermediate / Advanced midfield player who enjoys running with the ball, executing 3D skills for elimination but uses the head weighting for short powerful hit passes and pushes. 
  • DSH BEND VERSION: Intermediate / advanced attacking player who wants a concave face to aid ball control, an element of drag-flicking and the lower bend to assist lifted shots. The additional head weight also help with retaining the ball under pressure / resisting tackles.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Rogers
Awesome stick for both indoor and outdoor

Stick has a bit of an impression which allows the ball to track really well and enhances the lift!