Mercian E. 09 DSH

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Mercian Evolution 0.9 Field Hockey Stick

Product Code: HSEV916
Color: Metallic Blue
Bend: DSH
Composition: 75% Carbon, 5% Kevlar, 20% Glass-fiber

75% Carbon construction field hockey stick in DSH bend, 25% alternative composite make-up offering touch and feel.

The Fiberglass, Kevlar and basalt base layers offer durability because of the resin impregnated composite mat reducing the brittleness associated with pure carbon, both from stick / ground ‘wear’ and edge impacts (backhand). The DSH mold offers the 2mm concave face that aids 3D skills and aerials as well as ball control on fore and back-hand. Includes high-friction resin face and m-gel vibration control.

The DSH bend is a 2mm concave face specifically designed to work with a 24mm bend to enhance drag-flicking and 3D skills. The 'cup' aids ball pull back from the left side of the body and enhanced elimination skills. The new DSH mold has a fatter shaft profile to increase the cross-sectional area and aid hitting power.

Weight: 18.2oz,  520g