Evolution 0.3 Hex 2018

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Evolution 0.3 HEX Bend

  • A 95% carbon lay-up hockey stick - Quad Carbon Sleeve overlay & fiberglass micro-skeleton
  • 4-piece carbon sleeve placed over a 95% carbon lay-up creates an exceptionally stiff high-performance stick
  • The new innovative HEX bend is a hybrid model combining a lacrosse style handle and a conventional hockey shaft.
  • The 6-sided grip means a player can feel the sticks position in the hand without looking and the shape specifically helps locate the extended finger associated with flicking along the spine of the stick.
  • As the hexagonal handle shape merges into the hockey shaft it creates a flattened spine that increases the sticks stiffness. The edges then are also flattened to give a specific backhand hitting zone with a surface designed to aid both power and control on the reverse side.
  • The shaft then also has the ultimate bend with its maximal curve to further enhance flicking and overhead skills
  • Weight 36.5" L = 550g