Mercian E. 01 Ultimate

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Mercian Evolution 0.1 Field Hockey Stick

Product Code: HSEV117
Color: Black
Bend: Ultimate
Composition: 95% Carbon / 5% Kevlar

High Specification, elite performance field hockey stick.

Designed to maximize energy transfer, the Evolution 0.1 has a 95% carbon construction with 5% Aramid (Kevlar) applied to the three specific stress points within the stick – heel, back-hand edge and bottom of handle. The Ultimate bend aids drag flicking and 3D skill execution with the active molecule ‘piezo-electric fibers’ and m-gel silicon sleeve providing vibration damping. An additional feature is the extra cushioned grip created with a 0.75mm PU foam layer beneath the standard super-soft m-tek grip.

The Ultimate Bend is the most aggressive low bend that we have ever made, the maximum bend at the lowest legal point enhances drag flicking and aerial skills, it has a shaft weighting to aid stick head speed but still provide power and balance for the slapping and pushing associated with elite level skill execution.